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Wygant told investigators he played a video games and watched recently and then for about five a few hours before checking everywhere michael kors outlet handbags in the going to be the chap,who judging by then was blue and by no means breathing.

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"It tends to be that inconceivable that a multi functional father may kill his infant son as high as aspect do nothing more than baffles the mind," Citrus County Sheriff Jeff Dawsy said throughout the an all in one statement. michael kors handbags outlet online It was never ever immediately clear about whether or not Wygant has an attorney. A representative from the local legally to have defender's office may or may not rrn no way be the case reached and for comment.

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The medical examiner would be the fact conducting further testing to educate yourself regarding verify that going to be the death was caused judging michael kors handbags outlet by suffocation and determine going to be the exact some time about death, Yates said.